Wedding Anniversary Verses -
Celebrate your Magical Day

Wedding anniversary verses can be difficult to write. You know what you feel, but find it difficult to express your emotions in writing? Get rid of the unnecessary stress with these words of wisdom and happy anniversary poem.


We'll help you find-the-words so that you can say it best! You need to focus on finding that perfect anniversary gift and a wonderful venue to really celebrate your special day.

Happy anniversary - may it be all that you wished for!


Happy anniversary poem - with love:


[insert name], another magical year has passed together

I  still recall standing next to you [50] years ago on our wedding day

I remember promising to love you - to cherish you - to stand by you....forever

I remember catching my breath as I saw you,

I remember time standing still,

Nervous laughter as rings were exchanged; whispered "I do's" -

And ....our kiss.


Today feels much the same -

I still catch my breath when I glance across the room at you,

I still feel like time is standing still

I still love you and cherish you

And I hope you know how I have loved standing beside you these past [   ] years.


Thank you for your love, your steadfastness, your courage and you commitment to our love

Thank you for sharing so many amazing, defining  moments in your life with me

 and for trusting me enough to share your moments of pain, your hopes and your dreams still to be achieved.


Our love has never needed a lot of words - I know that...

Our unspoken love is there - everyday in all those moments

in the companionable silences, in the moments when anger flares, in the moments when passion ignites

and in the myriad of  intangible moments as we face life.... together.


My friend, my lover,  my soul mate  -

I love you  - always and forever

Happy anniversary, my love!


What about the youngsters - are you looking for a poem for parents anniversary? Take a look - read it, copy it, tweak and adapt it and paste it.

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