Poem for Parents Anniversary -
Brighten their Special Day

A poem for parents anniversary - what a wonderful milestone! It is so great to hear about marriages that have stood the test of time.

poem for parents anniversary

So, if you are the proud daughter or son of parents who are celebrating yet another wedding anniversary together - then you need to acknowledge this remarkable occasion.

Words of wisdom to say it best - because boy, they sure passed the test!


Happy Anniversary Poem:


How fortunate we are today

As we take the opportunity to say...

Privileged we are to share yet another year all together

Proud of our wonderful parents - may your love last forever

You faced your challenges... yet gave up... never


Always striving towards mutual respect and understanding

Now we see the secret to a marriage based on giving, not only demanding

Not yours was the example to undermine and scorn

Instead into love and kindness we were born


Vehemently you have held onto your marriage

Ever determined to stay together through time and its passage

Resolute and purposeful you have led by example

Shown us all the way to a marriage incredible


And so, Mom and Dad, we need to share

Resounding Happy Anniversary for your love and care

Yours is indeed a marriage quite rare

There you have it - anniversary poems for parents. You can read it, recite it or even write it in an anniversary card. Either way - believe me, you are going to make their day!

Wedding anniversary verses abound - you just need to pop round.

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