Thank You Speech -
Always Appreciated

A thank you speech and heartfelt words in a note can mean so much. Everyone values being thanked and we all enjoy feeling appreciated.

thank you speech

A thank you note can take just a moment of your time, yet it can brighten the recipient's day immeasurably!

Take a moment to read through the words of wisdom and gratitude, personalize them and then buy or even make your own thank you card.

Hand write your special message - a beautiful handwritten card remains a special gesture and one that is sure to be appreciated.






A special word of thanks I have to say,

your thoughtful, kind gesture certainly made my day.

Our days tend to be frenetic - always rushing around

Yet you searched till the perfect gift you found.


I appreciate, as always, you going the extra mile

unwrapping your gift, brightened my day and made me smile

So in my thoughts you will continue to be,

I so appreciate that you took the time to remember me.




Words of gratitude in a card can also be read out loud at a special function - especially if you have the odd butterfly flying around in your stomach.

It is perfectly acceptable, especially if you are feeling a bit emotional, to preface your speech with something like: " May I take the opportunity to read you the words of thanks that I wrote in my card."

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