Free Best Man Speeches-
Paying Tribute to the Groom

Free best man speeches - you will present a great speech with composure, authority and conviction to honor your best friend.

free best man speeches


Today we come together

to honor a remarkable fella

He's no longer sweet sixteen

But [thirty something] and still growing in our esteem


And so begins our tale

of quite a noteworthy male

Born in [insert name of town] and after a short wait

He was very soon eligible to date


But before we discuss love and romance

it's off to school taking girls to the prom dance

At [insert name of elementary school] he learned his A's, B's and C's

Math, History, Geography - the birds and the bee's


With this knowledge under his hat

[insert name of secondary school] was where he could be found at

His academic career he pursued with some "diligence"

But charming young girls - his true area of excellence


And so into the business world he began

Earning a reputation as an excellent [computer] man

He knows about [bytes and megs] and office politics

and even today he has great work ethics


Well, all work and no play

Makes [insert name of groom] a dull boy - or so they say

So [insert name of groom] became a [sporting ] man

[Running, cycling and football] - he's their greatest fan


Now, [insert name of groom] has his family here today

He has wonderful parents, I have to say

Then there's brothers, sisters and many cousins

Not to mention aunts and uncles by the dozens


Ok, so he certainly has become much older

And with time his family has grown larger

To [insert names of groom's parent-in-laws] he has become a fine son-in-law

and to [insert names of groom's brother and sister-in-laws] a valued brother-in-law


We hope [insert name of groom] soon has to practice games and lullabies

and change dirty nappies with reluctant sighs

Hamsters and dogs will be destined to stay

when the "little ones" eventually arrive on their way


And behind all this a lady must be

So we turn to [insert name of bride] - for it is she

A woman of beauty, strength and good taste

After all, she married [insert name of groom] - stopped him going to waste


And so to [insert name of groom] we raise a cheer

for he really is quite a dear

A man of integrity, principles and passion

We all value him in our very own fashion


So Ladies and Gentlemen please stand and charge you glasses

you too young guys,  gals and lasses

Congratulations [insert name of bride and groom] - we wish you a magical day

May it be a lifetime of happiness in every way!

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