Anniversary Sayings - A Celebration
of Cherished Milestones

Anniversary sayings - personalized words of wisdom go hand in hand with anniversary flowers or an engraved anniversary ring!


Our anniversary quotes will capture a memorable moment perfectly on a wedding anniversary card, in a poem for parents anniversary or even within free anniversary speeches.

An anniversary gift basket is great and our anniversary words of wisdom will make it an amazingly, extra special magical moment to treasure in the years ahead!


Today commemorates our anniversary -

I adore you and am so thankful that you are now a part of my life.

With you by my side ...

 I have the courage to be me,

the daring to strive further

and the faith to love you unequivocally.

Happy Anniversary!

On our anniversary, you still leave me in awe -

our magical relationship and love has transcended time.

Another year has passed and I remain;

bewitched by your kindness ;

consoled by your intuition and your empathy;

challenged by your free spirit and sense of adventure

and compelled to have you in my life - always.

Happy Anniversary!

It's our anniversary and time for us to celebrate -

You remain always in my thoughts ...

in times of solitude you uphold me;

in times of adventure you challenge me;

in times dejection you continue to believe in me

and in times of success you smile next to me.

Thank you ...

today and always, your love surrounds, caresses and uplifts me.

Happy Anniversary!

Our anniversary - amazing!

I admire your commitment to our lives together,

I acknowledge your selfless support in times of adversity;

I appreciate your thoughtful gestures and random acts of kindness

and I remain yours ...

in heart and mind and spirit -

always and forever!

Happy Anniversary!


Our year together has taught me ...

to cherish the many ordinary, yet magical moments that we share;

to uphold and honor and respect the relationship that we have forged in our years together.

It has cemented the undeniable love that we continue to nurture and

highlighted the reality that love is precious - not something to be squandered or taken for granted.

Know that I love you;

know that I adore you and

know that our love is my greatest accomplishment!

Happy Anniversary!

Timeless and understated anniversary sayings!

Whether it is a celebration of a one year anniversary or words to say thank you - know that they will be appreciated and leave a lasting impression.

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