Cover Letter For Resume - Marketing Yourself Eloquently

Cover letter for resume - set the right tone from the start with an eloquently written resume covering letter to help you secure that all important interview.

It really is incredibly important that your covering letter sets the right tone - one that attests to your professionalism and credibility.

It needs to be concise, yet detailed enough to let the reader gain a valuable insight into your potential.

You need to project an image that leads to your curriculum vitae being at the top of the pile of candidates being called back  for that crucial interview.

Free Cover Letter For Resume

[Your Address]

[Number and Name of Street]



[Zip code]


[email address]




[Recipient's Details]


[Company's Name]

[Street Address]



[Zip code]


Dear [enter recipient's name],




I am writing this letter in response to [the advertisement placed in (give relevant details of advertisement placement) in (date of advertisement placement)], in which you invited suitably qualified professionals to apply for the position of [insert details].

I have submitted my curriculum vitae for your perusal as well as [insert number] certified testimonial / letters of referral / letters of recommendation that will offer you insight as character references.

You will note from the above that I possess both the professional and personal criteria required in your job description.

As my attached resume attests, I have more than [insert number of years] years of experience in the [give details of the required field] as well as having the required educational qualification of [insert details here].

My professional work experience exemplifies that I have remained committed to an ethos of excellence, diligence, professionalism and innovative thinking in all that I undertake. It is this ongoing and consistent work ethic and accountability that have culminated in professional recognition and promotion opportunities throughout my career.

Very briefly, the main skills that I envision will add value to [insert name of company] are briefly summarized as follows:




I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my professional expertise and potential with you  during an interview.

I  can be contacted as detailed above should you wish to schedule an interview.


Yours sincerely,




Good luck - may the sample cover letters for resume bring you one step closer to that all important interview.

As a professional courtesy remember to write thank you letters after the interview.

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