50th Anniversary Invitations -
Set The Tone For A Wonderful Celebration

50th Anniversary nvitations - words of wisdom inviting your special guests to share in an incredibly special anniversary and milestone.

50th anniversary invitations

A 50th wedding anniversary deserves to be celebrated, commemorated and honored with loved ones, family and friends.

Set the tone with a warm welcome speech, make sure you have practiced your 50th anniversary toast and take a look at some free anniversary speeches.

Not only will you be really well prepared for any speeches that may arise, but your invitation to a magical 50th anniversary will be one less thing to worry about.


It is with immense pride, respect, honor and love,

That we extend a warm invitation to you and your family -

Please join us as we come together to share and celebrate,

[insert names of anniversary couple] 's 50th wedding anniversary.

Your love, friendship, fellowship and shared laughter,

Will truly make their remarkable anniversary ...

A day to remember and cherish.

[Insert names of anniversary couple] 's 50th wedding anniversary -

A day so deserving of our celebration ...

As we come together to pay tribute to:

Their lifetime of happy memories,

Their legacy of love and commitment to one another and their family,

Their exemplary and definitive promise to always love and cherish each other

And their role model - lighting the way for future generations.


Please join us in celebrating [insert names] 's 50th anniversary milestone.

[Insert names of anniversary couple] - a golden couple,

Celebrating their golden wedding anniversary.

There are few things in life that are more valuable,

Than loving someone and being loved in return.


[Insert names] - truly are an example to all of us.

They have shown us that true happiness

lies not in wealth pursued,

But instead in the more simpler things in life,

Like enduring love, shared companionship,

Families raised and cherished,

 And a lifetime

Of memories ever present, ever near.


Please join us as we commemorate and honor their remarkable anniversary.

50th anniversary invitations - tick it off your to-do list and then get ready for presenting a memorable toast. Cheers!

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