Tips on Public Speaking
  Effortless Presentation

Tips on public speaking are necessary life skills!

You need to communicate effectively and speak with confidence in one-on-one situations, within groups and within the context of a large audience.

tips on public speaking

Few things enhance your image more than delivering a great speech with apparent effortlessness!

All you need for a dynamic presentation is careful preparation and a confident delivery.

Luckily, here you can save time and effort by going free written speeches.

All the research and editing has been done for you. All you need to do is deliver your speech using effective team communication skills that include voice and body language techniques.

Take a look at our simple tips for public speaking to bolster your confidence. You can do it!



When developing your speech, research it, get your facts right and make sure you know what message you want to get across.

When developing your speech, research it, get your facts right and make sure you know what message you want to get across.

Speak from the heart, believe in what you are saying and take control of your audience.

Rehearse your speech in front of a mirror or in front of a friend or family member (ask them for helpful suggestions).

We, the audience, are your friends – we want you to do well.

When you practice your speech, time yourself. If it is too long or too short you will need to make changes.

If you are well prepared you will not need to use your notes too much.

End your speech with your prepared ending and wait for applause OR stand back from the lectern / table.

DO NOT end by saying “Thank you”. It is the audiences’ responsibility to “thank you”.

Enjoy your speech, have fun and use the opportunity to deliver a speech that enhances your image!

Follow these guidelines and you'll present a speech they'll remember!

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