Free Sample Speeches For All Occasions - Celebrating Your Fabulous Father

Free sample speeches for all occasions and for those amazingly special days of the year - celebrate in style with special words of wisdom!

free sample speeches for all occasions

Let's face it - fathers hold a special place in our hearts.

So, if you're looking for a special father day gift, then a touching fathers day poem will really make his day a memorable one.

A great personal touch  - copy the poem onto the first page of a photo album or scrapbook.

Decorate the page and then fill the album with a collage of  happy photo memories that you have collected throughout the years.

Go on - it'll make his day and he deserves it!


On Fathers Day, I'm glad I have the opportunity to say

Words of thanks for your love each and every day,

You have always played a starring role

Influencing my life - body, mind, heart and soul.


Through your steadfast example you have shown

Honor and courage - and so I have grown,

To see your faith in me unwavering -

As I chased my dreams -always encouraging.


And when my dreams lay pushed aside for a while

It was your number I would enter in the phone and dial,

For you taught me, that while days may seem grim

If I persevered, then in some unfathomable way I would win!


And win I did in ways unimaginable

With you by my side always willing and able,

So, on this special day, I cherish the role you still play

Dad, you're the greatest... and so it will always stay!


Free sample speeches for all occasions - a special father day gift for sure!

Nothing adds to the moment better than a great, big hug - and they are free too! So hug a way for an extra special day!

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