Church Anniversary Poem - Religious Milestone Remembered

Church anniversary poem - words of wisdom and verses to commemorate a special day.

church anniversary poem

Your anniversary poem should highlight the sense of community, fellowship and opportunity for growth that the church offers.

Of course, a big part, is to also give thanks for all the blessings received and the insight gained.

Happy anniversary - your speech is sure to make your church anniversary an extra-special celebration!



Celebration, praise and worship,

Honoring our Lord and Savior -

Uplifted, consoled, forgiven and protected 

Remembering as we celebrate and give thanks -

Chronicling another anniversary as a church community

Held together as a congregation in the palm of His Hand.


And today as we celebrate our church's anniversary

Near to us we feel His Presence,

Never forsaken or forgotten -

In His Light we radiate.


Victoriously we raise our voices,

Echoing again our thanks for blessings received,

Recollecting triumphs and tribulations in the year gone by.


Steadfast and constant we turn to the year ahead,

Awed and buoyed by his radiating Love,

Reborn and renewed -

Yesterdays remembered and tomorrows praised.


Anniversary poem - great for a printed church program to celebrate an important anniversary!

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