Demonstration Speech Topics -
Follow the Simple Steps

Demonstration speech topics are all about following a procedure or a series of steps - while demonstrating the process using visual aids.

demonstration speech topics

A typical "show and tell' speech needs to be logical and simple, so guard against overly complicated explanations.

A good place to start is to choose a relevant topic that your audience will  relate to and to focus on incorporating effective visual aids.



Plan your demonstrative speech List all the steps in the correct chronological order from the beginning to the end of the demonstration
Introduce your demonstrative speech topic to the audience Briefly outline the aim of your demonstration. You may want to show your audience a final product  - then they can visually relate to where you are aiming.
State the directions and instructions that you are visually demonstrating at the same time Your instructions and directions are usually conveyed impersonally and often in the format of a command. Remember to emphasize the correct chronological order.
KISS - keep your verbal cues short and to the point Aim to speak clearly using very specific and concise language and vocabulary
Colloquial(every day English) or technical jargon? Choose your words carefully depending on the nature of your speech topic. Use jargon and technical language if it is necessary to convey your meaning effectively.
5 W's and 1H Make sure you answer:  who; what; when; where; why and how in the steps that you demonstrate.
Use time words to assist with conveying chronological order before; after; then; thereafter; next; once you have; immediately afterward; as soon as;
Smile and have fun Try to be as enthusiastic and positive as possible - it is infectious and your audience will be more involved in your demonstration

Visual aids effectively enhance your verbal directions.

Use visual aids wisely - you don't want them to overshadow your speech.

They should further clarify the specific point or step under discussion.

Remember to practice using visual aids. Timing is very important - visual aids should be a common thread that weaves smoothly in and out of your demonstration - linking the various steps.

Demonstration speech topics? How to write a CV and a free cv sample? Pertinent, relevant and great to demonstrate with a PowerPoint presentation - step by step.


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