Interesting Speech Topic - 
Unleash Your Creative Flair

Interesting speech topics are an amazing springboard for a really awe inspiring speech!

interesting speech topics

An original and fun speech topic has two great advantages:

  • it grabs your audiences' attention and
  • it keeps their attention while they listen to your interpretation of the topic

Unusual speech topics may need that extra bit of thought and planning to interpret the topic creatively...after's not straight forward.

But, come on, give it your best shot! It'll be worth it and you'll feel so confident knowing that you are about to "wow" your audience with something extraordinary!


The dream of a boy...

The voice in the night...

A thought entered my mind - and started swirling around!

But nobody...nobody knows

On Windy Nights!

The paint box of colors in my mind slowly opens...

Suddenly, the defining watershed moment in my life became clear...

We dare not go back there - our hearts are full of terror - we have made a grave mistake!

Strange...but true!

A lonely man in a small town - a smile crinkles the corner of his eyes - he journeys back...

The world seems to be opening - opening up for me...

I turn around and walk away - echoes of my footsteps linger...

Good speech topics - wrap your mind around them, brainstorm your ideas, do your research and start writing.

I'd love to hear about your great ideas - drop me a line.

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