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Words of Wisdom to Motivate and Encourage

The sample persuasive speech below offers motivational words that are applicable to the work place, a church or even to a group of students or scholars.

sample persuasive speech

The key to a successful persuasive speech is to speak with conviction and sincerity.

Keep your message simple and your reinforce your views convincingly, without being aggressive and domineering.

Your aim is to gently coach your audience into "seeing" and "agreeing" with your views.

A really successful sample persuasive speech will encourage the listener to take action - even if it is a tiny step in the right direction!


This sample persuasive speech will build your image!

What did you Do Today?

What did you do today? I wonder if at times we don't over-complicate things? So, let's simplify things a little.

If the question, "What did you do today?" is posed, many of us easily reel off an exhaustive list of tasks that we completed. But, we can simplify things a little by re-phrasing the question. Instead of asking, "What did you do today?", let's rather ask, "Did you build something or break something today?"

Keep that question in mind when considering life at [insert name of work place, church or school].

Did you build or break?

Did you build someone up or did you break them down? Did you build your own reputation through your actions and words or did you break your reputation? Did you build [insert name of work place, church or school]'s image - or did you break it?

I am sure that if we are all very honest then we can all plead guilty to having broken down in a number of these areas at one time or another. That's OK. Life, family and work all take their toll. It's busy and difficult and frustration sets in and we lose it - we are not perfect! But, we still need to work at it.

Let's take it one day at a time. Those moments when we break people or situations down, will never go away entirely and to expect that may be too idealistic.

We need to  make a conscious effort to build each other and relationships up honestly and sincerely. We need to really work at not breaking! If we can do that, then maybe the "building moments" will outshine the "breaking moments" and that positive balance is definitely within our reach!

So, next time someone asks you, "What did you do today?" - wouldn't it be nice to simply say, "I built!"


Prepare thoroughly for your persuasive speech. Our persuasive speech outline will give you some guidelines and structure to help you.

You want to engage your audience with meaningful eye contact and effective body language and gestures - not easily achieved if you are too note-bound! So learn your speech "off by heart" and you're building a reputation of note.

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