Retirement Speeches -

Gracious Yet Great Goodbyes

Are your retirement speeches keeping you awake at night? You should be focusing on your retirement plans, not worrying about how to say farewell.

Leisurely coffee dates, taking up a new hobby and turning off your alarm clock forever - that's more like it!

Retirement Speeches

So, leave the gracious goodbyes to us - adapt our words of wisdom and the free sample retirement speech and make it your own!

[Insert number of years] or so have flown by and this will be the last time that I will formally present a speech to all of you at [insert name of company]. It has been a happy time - a time where I gave of my expertise, a time where I imparted skills and some life lessons and aptly also a time where I learned a great deal.

I have learned that [insert name of company] is underpinned by a Board of Governors [adapt to suit the managerial structure of the company] that gives selflessly of their time and expertise. I have been involved in meetings and I value the opportunities that I have been exposed to. I have more empathy for what it takes to to run a company such as [insert name of company] - the strategic and financial planning that is required - while at the same time keeping all the stakeholders happy, maintaining the honor and integrity of our company's vision, while still being open to innovative change. It has been a significant learning curve for me and one which I undoubtedly learned a great deal from.

The past few years have also taught me the value of having a positive and enthusiastic group of co-workers. I have witnessed colleagues giving tirelessly of their time to enhance the image and productivity of [insert name of company]. In my retirement speeches, I want to acknowledge that you have all played your part in making [insert name of company] a happier and more productive place. I have also learned that this is the role that I will strive to emulate in my future.

I also need to acknowledge just how much I have been shaped by my colleagues and friends at [insert name of company]. I have a myriad of experiences, too many to mention, that have impacted on my life in a memorable and meaningful way. What follows barely scratches on on the surface of all that I have learned over the years, but bare with me as I make mention of some of these memories.

I have learned Ladies and Gentlemen,

-that it takes a group of very special people to commit to their jobs on a daily basis - even when the going gets tough - and believe me...we've all experienced that over the years.

-that our buildings and grounds are maintained on a daily basis by a group of smiling and cheerful individuals who choose to be happy.

I have learned,

-that if your computer is broken and you approach it mumbling under your breath with the odd uncensored word and a wet wipe, followed by a sharp kick to the hard drive, it will quite miraculously resume working.

-that the peals of laughter I hear resounding from the staff room reflect the vibrant and happy staff that we are fortunate to have.

-that a cup of coffee before the day starts with friends can make a difference - can give you that much needed perspective.

In retirement speeches, Ladies and Gentlemen, I need to add,

-that I would have been absolutely useless at unravelling the mysteries of [ insert an activity that you find difficult] yet somehow it all becomes clear when [finish off with the activity that someone does easily].

-that it is impossible to keep the copier free of paper jams. Oh, incidentally, the computer-hard-drive-kick approach also works well here!

-and that I really do appreciate the respect that I was always treated with.

Very importantly, I have learned,

-that we are exposed to phenomenal opportunities for growth at [insert name of company] - of that I have no doubt - and I have equally learned that we may only fully appreciate them as we move on as [insert name of company]'s ambassadors in the world.

And then you'll be glad to hear, I have learned,

-that the only thing you should ever lie awake at night worrying about, is not retirement speeches or [insert name of company] - sorry boss- but whether or not [insert name of favorite sports team ] is lying top of the league!

And finally, personally, I have learned that "Happiness is the consequence of personal effort. You fight for it, strive for it and insist upon it - always!".

I am extremely grateful for the role that everyone has played throughout the years - they have been happy years and years that I will always remember fondly.

Making retirement speeches can be a time of mixed emotions. You should be focusing on your retirement plans, not worrying about how to say farewell.

Greg Butler is an Accomplished Toastmaster, and he enjoys using his experience to assist those people who want to make a great retirement speech.

There are few goodbyes more important than your Retirement Function, at which you will want to deliver a sincere and entertaining speech. If this is a challenge for you, go to where you will find some tips and techniques to enable you to speak with confidence, and enjoy your retirement function.

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