Topics For Informative Speeches -
Impressive And Educational

Topics for informative speeches - great suggestions and ideas for informative speeches.


Informative speeches should be educational and entertaining and informative .

Well known or legendary historical figures and unique informative speech topics lend themselves to this speech genre.

So - do your research, add a captivating introduction, where relevant tell a mesmerizing story and round it all off with conclusion of note!

PS - Some of the ideas for informative speeches listed below come with free written speeches. Simply click on the hyperlink - hope they help!



Legendary Historical Figures

Unique Informative Speech Topics

Alexander the Great

Human Space Flight - Magnificent Moon Walkers

Winston Churchill Speeches

Extremes of World Weather - From Glaciers to Deserts

Thomas Edison

Natural Disasters At Their Worst - Nature's Wrath

Michael Johnson

Environmental Issues - A Closer Look

Malcolm X Speeches

Industrial Disasters - Chernobyl's Devastation

Bill Clinton Speech

On Top of the World - Edmund Hillary's Triumph

Nelson Mandela Speech

Endangered Today - Extinct Tomorrow

JFK Speeches

The World At War - Lessons Ignored

Hitler Speeches

Research and Development - Cutting Edge Technology

Walt Disney

Mega Structures - Bigger and Better

Richard Branson

Transport - Extreme Speeds

Oprah Winfrey

Ancient Civilizations- Egypt Exposed

Leonardo da Vinci

Maritime Disaster - Titanic Tragedy

Michael Jackson Death

Inventing Tomorrow...Today

Ernest Shackleton

Myths and Legends - Stories Abound

Topics for informative speeches - the basis of your speech should be researched facts.

Your researched facts are like the skeleton of your speech - the bare bones - pretty boring.

You need to give your speech shape and form. Develop the human side of your story and you'll have the audience hanging on your every word!

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