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Education cover letters that will maximize your educational employment opportunities and open the doorway to that all important job interview.

You have revised your curriculum vitae and you are without a doubt well qualified for employment within an educational or training milieu.

Now cement your likelihood of selling yourself even further by being invited for an employment interview – a professional sample recommendation letter will maximize your chances.

Education Cover Letters

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Dear [Insert name or title],


I am writing in response to the advertisement placed [insert details here] whereby you extended an invitation to suitably qualified professionals to apply for the position of [insert details of position] at [insert name of educational institution].

You will note from my resume that I possess both the professional and personal attributes that your advertised job description requires.

I am a professionally qualified educator who exemplifies a thorough knowledge of the curriculum, as well as effective teaching and assessment skills. I value and exhibit an intrinsic level of pride in extending my professional educational development and encouraging students to maximize and achieve their full potential.

In terms of planning, teaching and classroom management I focus on clear teaching objective that will challenge students to achieve high levels of expectations, while still implementing structured differentiation to accommodate different learning abilities and styles. On-going and continuous  monitoring, assessment, recording and reporting of aims and objectives achieved, is a further avenue that is interwoven and emphasized within my teaching and educational framework and philosophy.

I furthermore, place a high value on both my inter-personal and intra-personal skills and regard effective and empathetic communication skills as the cornerstone to supportive pastoral care and paramount to establishing and maintaining relationships with students, colleagues, governors and the wider community.

All of the above are conducive to an effective and structured educational environment where educational attitudes, skills and values are interwoven seamlessly within the tone, ethos and respectful discipline of a professional and meaningful educational experience.

I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and can be contacted at [insert email address] or [insert mobile number] should you wish to set up an interview appointment.


Yours sincerely,



Professional  cover letters will give you a head start.  You may want to enhance your teacher motivation even further with a classic example of a character reference letter.

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