Character Reference Letter – Building Credibility

Character reference letter – it provides you with a great platform to build credibility and maximize a prospective candidates chances of success.

A prospective candidate will need to submit an effective and clear curriculum vitae, a well written sample of a cover letter for a resume and … to really standout from all the other job applicants – a well written sample recommendation letter.

You can change their lives – so make it count!

Give the recipient of your letter the fighting edge – take a look at our letter of recommendation and adapt it suit the individual’s profile.

Character Recommendation

[Your Address and Details Here]

[Name of Company]

[Number and Name of Street]



[Zip Code]




Dear [insert details if known] or Sir/Madam,


It is a privilege to have been called upon to write a character reference letter on behalf of [insert details here].

I have known [Insert name here] since [insert year here].

In my capacity as [insert your designation / title / capacity here] I have had the pleasure of dealing with [insert name here] on many different levels over the course of the years. It has been an on-going interaction and one that has afforded me the opportunity of seeing [insert name here] dealing with many different, and at times challenging situations and relationships.

Throughout this time frame, I have continued to be impressed by the calm, insightful, respectful and diligent manner in which [insert name here] approaches all that he / she undertakes and is involved with.

I continue to be struck by his / hers perseverance, his / hers unwavering commitment to all tasks that he / she remains involved in, [insert name here]’s steadfast and constant nature and his / hers determination to always give of his / hers best.

All of the above admirable qualities are further rooted in a sound value systems and the ability to remain true to himself / herself in the face of adversity and to always uphold his / her ideals and goals.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, [insert name here] epitomizes optimism while realistically and practically looking for positive solutions to problems and concerns.

I have no hesitation in recommending [insert name here] for any position that he / she may be applying for.

You are more than welcome to contact me at [insert mobile details here] or [insert email details here] should you wish to communicate further.


Yours sincerely,





I hope that your character testimony makes a difference - it's fantastic helping someone out especially someone who has the makings of leading a life less ordinary.

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