Letter Of Recommendation For Scholarship – Securing The Opportunity

Letter of recommendation for scholarship can go a long way to securing a follow up interview for a prospective candidate.

A sample recommendation letter should have a formal tone and they should outline the important achievements, attributes and personality traits that the recipient possesses, that you feel, would make them worthy recipients of a scholarship award.

For easy scholarship letters, adapt and change the frame work given below to suit the candidate.

Letter Of Recommendation For Scholarship

[Your street number and street name]




[Zip code]


[Recipient’s street number and street name]




[Zip code]




To Whom It May Concern,


Letter of recommendation for scholarship in favour of [insert name of recipient here]

It is both a pleasure and a privilege to write a letter of recommendation for a scholarship on behalf of [insert name here].

I have been involved with [insert name here] in my capacity as [insert details here] for the past [insert number here] years. As a result of our interaction, I have come to recognize and value all the inherent qualities that [insert name] possesses and exhibits – qualities that make him / her eminently qualified as the recipient of a scholarship.

[Insert name] has always been an extremely diligent, studious, motivated and committed student. As a result he / she has achieved excellent grades in all of his / her studies undertaken. Not only has he / she exemplified mastery of core academic skills, but his / her dedication has also translated into an ability to put theory into practice in his/ her area of expertise.


Some highlights that are noteworthy, especially in light of a scholarship award, include amongst other:

  •       [insert specific details here]


While [insert name] has certainly excelled in the academic arena, he / she has also demonstrated leadership and pioneering qualities.


[Insert name] is confident to assume a leadership position in a quiet and unassuming manner. He / she show empathy when dealing with his / her peers and manages to set a leadership example that others are motivated to emulate. 


Because [insert name] instils a sense of confidence and respect within his / her inter-personal relationships, his / her peers find it easy to work with [insert name] and it is this positive collaboration, based on mutual respect, that results in success.


Specific example that attest to this success are summarized below:

  •        [insert specific details here]


[Insert name] has furthermore been fully involved in numerous extra-curricular, extension and community based projects that merit your consideration of him / her as a strong potential candidate in his/ her scholarship application. As you will note from the details reflected below, his / her involvement show his / her willingness to go the extra mile.


  •        [insert specific details here]


[Insert name] is a well rounded individual who cumulatively reflects all the inherent qualities that would make him / her a worthy recipient of a scholarship award and I have no hesitation in recommending him / her for your consideration.

You are more than welcome to contact me should you wish to discuss anything further in this regards. 

I can be contacted at [insert email details here] or on my mobile at [insert number here].


Yours sincerely,



You may want to consider including a character reference letter with your letter of recommendation for scholarship.

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