Thank You Letters After Interview -
Seal The Deal

Thank you letters after interview - the final professional courtesy to seal the deal and get you the job you want!


You need sample letters of motivation to sell yourself succinctly and then you need a well structured thank you note for interview - opportunity to create a lasting impression.

A thank you note example should be polite and respectful and acknowledge your gratitude for the opportunity you were afforded.

Words of thanks - always appreciated and so worth the effort!


The Director                                        [insert correct title here]

ABC Company                                    [adapt address as needed]

Private Bag 17

Durham Grove



Dear Mr./Mrs.                                     [insert name]


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and [insert name of the company] for affording me the opportunity of attending an interview on [insert date] for the position of [insert job title or description].

Your invitation to attend an interview was most welcome and I valued the additional insight that I gained  about your company - insight that went beyond the research that I had conducted independently. 

May I also extend my thanks for the opportunity to meet some of the stakeholders in the company and  to raise any questions that needed further clarification during the interview.

Interviews may be perceived with a certain amount of apprehension. However, I would like to express my appreciation for the interview that I attended. I was certainly made to feel at ease and comfortable.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Jones

Paul Jones

Thank you letters after an interview - the final ace up your sleeve!

You can never say a sample thank you speech often enough.

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