Letter Of Intent For Job – Professional Proactive And Purposeful

Letter of intent for job – take a proactive step and send a letter of intention for employment to prospective employees.

Whether you are a recent graduate or an experienced professional, sending a well written and professional letter of intention for a job, will definitely get you noticed and improve your professional employment potential.

Letter Of Intent Template

[Your street number and address]




[Zip Code]


[Name of Company/Institution]

[Postal Box details]




[Zip Code]




Dear _____________________,




I was introduced to you company [insert name of company here] by [insert name and title of person] / [through an advertisement in the media – give details] / [through an employment agency-give details] / [during research undertaken by myself for companies that could utilize my skills in the _____________ arena].


[Give details of your present position]

I am a recent graduate from [insert name of educational institution here] and I have been awarded a [give details of diploma, degree, certificate or other] in the [insert details here] faculty/area of specialization.


I have received a qualification as a [insert details] which was conferred upon in [insert year] at [insert details where qualification was attained]. I have been working in a [insert details] business/professional environment for the past [insert number] years.

[Give details of why you would like to work at the proposed company]

As a result of my on-going research and from the feedback that I have received about [insert company’s name], I would like to submit my curriculum vitae and a letter of recommendation for your perusal and consideration.

Your company is highly regarded in the field of [insert details] and stands out as a professional and innovative business.

[research and include two or three specific and personalized details or facts about the company here]

I would consider it a privilege to be given the opportunity to work at [insert company details] / apply for any suitable prospective or currently available positions.

As you will note from my resume, I have attained and exemplify, both the necessary qualifications as well as the desired commitment to hard work, innovative thought and proactive professionalism.

Very briefly, my most noteworthy professional and personal attributes are summarized as follows:

·        A

·        B

·        C

·        D


Thank you in advance for your time and for your kind consideration relating to my letter of intent for a potential position of employment within your company.


I would welcome the opportunity of meeting with you at your convenience and can be contact at the details below.


Yours sincerely,



Emails details

Mobile details

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