Cold Call Cover Letter – Noteworthy Introductions

 Cold call cover letter – set a professional tone and establish your company’s credibility from the outset.

Your initial introduction needs to be succinct, polished and professional. When you introduce yourself, whether it is in person or via a letter or email, you need to make an impact.

Scroll down and review our example of a cover letter – adapt it and personalize it.

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Cold Call Cover Letter

Name of Person

Name of Company

P O Box details



Zip Code






Dear ______________________,



[Insert name of company here] is a specialist supplier of [insert details here] and has been in existence for [insert number of years here] years.

Our company [briefly explain what the nature of your business is here in one or two sentences].

Due to our vast experience, the high standards that are maintained and the benefits of our [add details here that will make you stand out from the rest], we have become the leading supplier of [insert details here] in [insert place/city/town/country here]. We have also received recognition for our excellence in [insert details here].


Our core business is [insert details here] aimed at [insert types of industries here] industries. Long standing customers include [list customers here] and many more.


Typically our skills and services include, but are not limited to:



Other applications that we have done include:





We have also done [insert details here].



In the future we are looking forward to [insert exciting or innovative forward planning here].




Our range of equipment and services varies from basic to sophisticated including state of the art features and various options.

Our company is particularly proud of our after sales capabilities. We have a team of dedicated staff that is available around the clock, should problems arise or if follow up work is required. Many of our long standing customers will bear testimony to our after sales commitment.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information.


Yours sincerely,







A well written and professional cover letter  - set your sights on a successful business relationship in the years to come.

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