Sample Recommendation Letter – Motivating And Encouraging

Sample recommendation letter – here is your opportunity to facilitate success and the potential promotion opportunity for a friend or colleague.

Landing the perfect job can be a collaborative effort.

You need an effective sample curriculum vitae, a well-written cover letter for a resume and of course a credible and sincere character reference letter.

Take a look at our free written samples and adapt them as needed – you may just launch an amazing career.


Sample Recommendation Letter


[Insert your address and details here]


To Whom It May Concern,


It gives me great pleasure to offer this character reference on behalf of [insert the name of the candidate here].

I have had the pleasure of knowing [insert the name of the candidate here] for the last [insert number of years here] years, and during this time, [insert the name of the candidate here] has only exemplified qualities of quiet determination, perseverance and an exemplary moral and ethical view of life.

His / her sound character, quiet yet inherent leadership skills and his / her ongoing determination to always give of his / her best in everything that he / she undertakes, has culminated in a young gentleman / lady , who is not only an excellent role model for all whom he / she comes into contact with, but more importantly, he / she has time and time again shown himself /herself to be a person who upholds his / her life values in every decision that he /she takes, and in his / her day-to-day life.

During the past [insert number of years] years, I have also been afforded the opportunity of seeing [insert the name of the candidate here] ….

Provide relevant and work related personalized details here


I have particularly come to appreciate the excellent manner in which [insert the name of the candidate here] ….

Elaborate further here


He / she appears to have an affinity with [insert details here] and leads through his / her quiet yet inimitable example, always setting a high standard through personal example that others intuitively seem to consider worth emulating.

I would also like make mention of his / her loyalty, honor and his / her utmost dedication to his / her family and friends. [Insert the name of the candidate here] has excellent inter-personal skills and he / she manages to bring out the best in all the people whom he / she comes into contact with - all in a very calm, reassuring and efficient manner.

It is an honour and a privilege knowing [insert the name of the candidate here] and I have no hesitation in recommending him / her for any position that he / she may apply for.


Yours sincerely,

Signature here


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An all round professional image – here’s to landing that perfect job.

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