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elementary school speech topics

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Delving below the surface, we found ....

My brain was flooded - confusion, rage and pain! I needed to get a grip!

It doesn't exist on a map - a magical, wonderful and captivating land ...

I checked my watch - we'd been sky borne for just over an hour.

Time was running out!

I had made one of my famously stupid decisions ...

 and now I would face the consequences!

This was a disaster like no other!

We need a plan of action! We can't just listen and watch!

We need to act!

This man / woman had saved so many lives ... an unsung hero / heroine!

"Well, that was pretty nerve racking," I finally gasped, my heart thumping furiously inside my chest!

I opened my mouth to explain. This is the life lesson that needs to be heard.

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