Controversial Speech Topics - The Duel Between Opposing Views

Controversial Speech Topics encourage lively debate and they stimulate critical thinking!

controversial speech topics

We're bringing you controversy at its best in our A - Z defining guide on speech topic ideas that are edgy and questioning.

Take a stance either for or against an issue or argue both opposing views and allow your audience to formulate their own opinion.


Animal experimentation should / should not be allowed?

Brand names should / should not be imitated and sold at a lower rate?

Child labor - a necessary evil?

Death penalty - punishment to fit the crime or a descent into a barbaric society?

Euthanasia - defying God or freedom of choice?

Family violence increases as society's values are eroded!

Gay couples should / should not marry their same sex partners?

Hate speech - freedom of expression or destructive propaganda?

Internet chat rooms - anonymity encourages a lack of accountability?

Jay walking fines - petty rules or enforcing public safety in a society with no inherent self-discipline?

Kilimanjaro - conquering Nature's majesty or an "everyman's" adventure if you have the money to pay the sherpas?

Living wills should / should not be allowed?

Marijuana should / should not be used for medicinal purposes?

Nuclear weapons - Damocles sword...the beginning of the end!

Oil spills - devastating and destructive...but necessary collateral damage in the bigger picture?

Plastic surgery - why not?

Queens and kings - a monarchy does / does not have a role to play in today's modern society?

Religion - bringing out the best and the worst in humanity?

Sports performance enhancement drugs - actualizing your potential or cheating?

Teenage parents - raising your child, abortion or adoption?

United Nations - effective or interfering?

Vivisection should/ should not be advocated?

Women in the military - an asset or a liability?

Xenophobia - intolerance personified or enforcing your rights?

Youth violence is increasing because of violent computer games?

Zoos - conservation or captivity?

Controversial speech topics - remember, your aim is to encourage critical thought using a researched persuasive speech outline and motivated viewpoint. Guard against unsubstantiated and emotionally evocative statements.

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