Impromptu Speech Topics -
Show Them How It's Done

Impromptu speech topics - great ideas to teach you to think on your feet!


Have you ever been asked to say a few words on the spur of the moment? Did it set your pulse racing? Well, that's is to be expected.

But, practice does make perfect! The more you ad lib and improvise on your feet, the less daunting it is.

And once you have all those butterflies in your stomach under control - the stage is set for a great impromptu speech.

Wow them with your words of wisdom [don't forget to scroll down to our free impromptu speech tips]


I had forgotten! Trouble was unavoidable!

Super Hero at the Laundromat!

I need help. I have "Excusitis".

A crumbling churchyard, the sea and the moon...

My school bag bit me.

My dog - not the brightest fellow!

My worry-free philosophy!

I'm late for school!

I was still in darkness - this wasn't a dream!

On a night like this - the sound carries forever...

The investigation of the missing cookies!

New school - clean slate - fresh start!

If only I had...

I've been in worse predicaments!

Two men leaped through the door!

He was an instant millionaire.

Dancing barefoot in the rain!

Impromptu speech topics - tips to structure your speech?

Jot down keywords under the following headings: who, what when, where and why as they lend themselves to the speech topic.

Discuss the topic using your five senses. What did you see, what did you hear, what were you thinking, feeling and imaging at the time?

Tell a story. Adapt the topic into a great story - everyone loves listening to a good story.

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