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Boxing should be banned - this topic has all the key ingredients for a great sample persuasive speech - it's a knock out!


Boxing Should Be Banned

Two boxers circle each other, waiting for the opportunity to deliver the knock out blow to their opponent. The crowd cheers, the spectators have paid a great deal of money to witness a man falling to the canvas - unconscious. 

Modern day sport or a glimpse into the darker side of man's nature?

Boxing is a popular sport that still draws record crowds and keen participants, yet despite this, there have been and continue to be strong movements calling for legislation to have boxing banned.

The intention in boxing is to deliberately hurt and in fact, where possible, incapacitate your opponent. Although other sports, like hockey and rugby, can be very physical and dangerous as well - the nature of the injuries are very often accidental.

In boxing however, opponents are deliberately trying to hurt their opponent to such an extent that one of the opponents will be rendered unconscious or unable to further proceed with the fight.

The question that we need to ask ourselves is whether or not this form of "sport" should continue to be legalized?

If we continue to condone and accept boxing as a legitimate sport, money will continue being funneled into sponsorships and television rights. We will continue to create a platform to generate wealth for the participants, the coaches and the networks. Yet, at what price?

Boxing is unequivocally a dangerous sport. While numerous safety precautions have been introduced to make it a safer sport, the reality is that it remains a dangerous sport.

In the last hundred years, about one thousand boxers have died - either in the ring, or shortly afterward from injuries sustained during a fight or over a decade of fights. Trauma and damage are undeniable, and while many have been professional fighters, a number have been amateurs too.

Pointless deaths are not the only consequence of boxing. A significant number of boxers have also sustained brain damage as a result of on-going trauma to the brain. This trauma appears to be linked to Parkinson's disease, a loss of motor function and diminished cognitive ability.

Nonetheless, despite all the obvious and documented negative consequences of boxing, sponsorships and advertisers still campaign to "glamorize" boxing. It may be "sold" as a way out of poverty, a rag to riches story or even an opportunity for a lifetime of glory and recognition.

This message will continue to lure young boxers into this dangerous sport and it will continue to create a demand for the sport. Coaches and managers will continue to train and supply new young talent. Fights will continue and lives will, without a doubt, continue to be lost.

Athletic ability and talent are wonderful gifts.

They should be channeled in a direction where the consequences are not so dire and where sportsmanship, life and the brighter side of man's nature are showcased.

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