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Good persuasive topics, excellent presentation skills and you're guaranteed to sway your audience's point of view!


It all starts with your chosen topic and the particular slant you choose to explore in your persuasive speech outline.

So - have a look at the suggested topics of persuasive speech - and get ready to dazzle your audience with your researched facts and convincing arguments.

You may want to consider controversial speech topics too - always great for persuasive speeches!


Alternative medicine has / has not been sidelined by pharmaceutical companies with their expensive marketing campaigns. They pursue profit and undermine affordable, natural medicine.

Parents should / should not consider the advantages of genetic engineering as a viable option when they think of starting a family.

Why waste taxpayers money on space exploration when the money could be more productively and meaningfully spent here on Earth?

Teenagers should /should not consider celibacy as something to aspire to and uphold.

Pregnant mothers should / should not be prohibited by law from consuming alcohol.

Parents and individuals ( and not the state) should / should not be responsible for assuming the role of censorship within their families.

The World needs a wake up call - our endangered planet is progressively teetering on the edge of a chasm of destruction.

Sex offenders have no rights to privacy - they should be "named and shamed".

Internet dating - modern man's evolutionary solution to meeting your soul mate. It works!

Graffiti - a legitimate form and expression of art or destructive vandalism?

Surrogate mothers have an indispensable role to play in modern family planning.

The collective media continue to encourage eating disorders and merely pay lip service to using models with a healthier BMI. They don't "walk the talk".

Leadership skills can be taught and developed - they are not merely a genetic disposition.

Prisons do not rehabilitate offenders - they further degenerate criminals into hardened, repeat offenders.

Good persuasive topics and persuasive speech topics for free will leave you spoiled for choice - but rather too many than too few options.

Good luck - ready, steady...persuade!

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