Persuasive Speech Topics for Free

Persuasive speech topics for free - some really great ideas that will definitely make great speeches.

persuasive speech topics for free

It is always a good idea to choose a topic that you understand and if possible, one that interests you.

It is so much easier to sound convincing if you present a speech about a topic that is meaningful and close to your heart.

Not quite sure how to write a persuasive speech - our persuasive speech outline is just a click away. So, select good persuasive speech topics, follow the link then implement the structures and suggestions. I'm pretty sure you'll have them convinced in no time!


  • Surveillance cameras should / should not be used at School.

  • Teenagers should / should not have their own credit cards.

  • The paparazzi should / should not be banned.

  • Animals should / should not be used to test new products.

  • Cell phones should / should not be allowed in Schools.

  • Boxing should be banned / should not be banned.

  • Students should / should not be rewarded for doing well at School and completing their homework.

  • You should / should not change the way you dress if people disapprove of your style.

  • You should / should not keep $600.00 if you find it.

  • Junk food should / should not be banned.

Interesting speech topics - prepare to persuade professionally and purposefully with our persuasive speech ideas - more to follow soon!

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