Persuasive Speech Outline -
Well-Structured Speech

A persuasive speech outline gives your great persuasive speech ideas direction and purpose!

persuasive speech outline

Your opinion counts - present your views concisely and purposefully while engaging your audience and encouraging them to respect your standpoint.

The logical progression of your argument is so important - our free speech outline does just that!



State your topic as an assertive statement"Fast foods are fast becoming the enemy to a healthy lifestyle"

As the audience hears the topic sentence, they are able to determine your standpoint or opinion.


Your introduction must be strong and decisive.

State your opinion and discuss your statement argument in one or two logically structured sentences.

Your statement argument stresses the main idea of your argument and introduces your audience to your "how I will prove it" plan.


Prove your statement argument with facts and examples [ do research here if relevant - it is well worth the extra time that it takes].

Similar facts and examples can be grouped together into paragraphs.

Use linking words and phrases like: [therefore, thus, additionally, furthermore, as a result, so you can see, it is thus evident, it is therefore apparent] to link your paragraphs back to your statement argument and your "how I will prove it" plan.

Repetition and questions to include your audience can be helpful here.


KISS - keep it short and simple - but add the WOW factor to end off on a high note!

All the points in your "how I will prove it" plan must be neatly tied up and linked to your statement argument.

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