Retirement Letter Format -
Outline and Free Example

The retirement letter format is a formal, polite and business-like letter to say thank you and goodbye. It may well be the last document that your company receives from you - so make a lasting impression!

retire letter format

The outline below offers suggestions and guidelines for you to follow - however trust your instinct. By all means use all, or some, of the suggestions, but say what you need to say and be sincere.

The intention of  your retirement letter is to affirm your positive experience - and beautiful, elegant stationery adds a memorable finishing touch.





Dear Mr.________________________,




Introductory Paragraph - Briefly outline the reason for your letter in more detail. It is helpful to structure your letter by answering who/what/when/where and why - where relevant.

Developing Paragraphs - Expand on the role you played in the company and thank relevant parties for their contribution to your time with the company.

Concluding Paragraph  - End positively and briefly outline your immediate future plans.




The Manager

Global Enterprises           

6590 Brooks Street                                                                          

New York City


Dear Mr. Knightsbridge,


I would like to take the opportunity to formally notify [inset name of company] in writing of my intended retirement as at  [insert date of retirement]. I have been employed at [repeat name of company] for over [insert number of years] and it is hard to believe that my retirement is now becoming a reality.

May I take this opportunity to thank the [Management / Executive/ Board of Governors], my fellow colleagues and yourself for the wonderful experience that I have gained, the many friends and professional colleagues that I have made and the happy and productive years that I spent at [insert name of company].

My time at [insert name of company] has played such an integral and pivotal role in my life and I will fondly remember the company, and more importantly, the people in the years ahead. At the same time I am excited at the prospect of a little more time on my hands and I am looking forward to exploring new ideas and opportunities [personalize and elaborate with a few details here].

I would like to extend my warmest wishes to everyone at [insert name of company] for the future and I am sure that the company will continue to go from strength to strength.

Yours sincerely,



Retirement letter format and a retirement letter done!  Need some inspiration for your retirement speeches or retirement toasts - we're more than happy to steer you in the right direction!

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