Retirement Dinner Speeches -
A Chapter Ends...New Horizons Await

Retirement dinner speeches - one last thing on your "To-Do List" - let's get it out of the way! 


Sample retirement speeches - words of thanks, retirement stories, fond wishes and retirement toasts all culminate in a great farewell speech.

Here's looking at you, kid!  You are sure to leave a lasting impression! Now go and enjoy your retirement savings.


Good Evening Colleagues and Friends,

"I'm very pleased to be here. Let's face it - at my age...I'm very pleased to be anywhere!" George Burns certainly has a way with words! But seriously Ladies and Gentlemen, I am very pleased to be here tonight on the occasion of my retirement dinner - despite my age.

As I stand here tonight, I look out over all the faces of my colleagues and I consider how blessed I am to be able count so many of you as friends. I have indeed been incredibly fortunate to have been surrounded by so many friends, mentors, role models, respected business people, leaders and pioneers - all of you special in your respective and unique ways.

Someone once said, "You only live once - but if you do it correctly - once is more than enough!

Wise words indeed and upon reflection - very true. You do only live once and your career is no exception - and if you do it correctly - one working life is more than enough. Here at [insert name of company] we do it correctly!

I have been exposed to so many opportunities for my vocational, as well as personal growth. Challenges were set before me, but they were underpinned by the support of the group and their belief that it could be done. Advice was freely given, a helping hand extended and yes at times...constructive criticism and suggestions were offered.

May I extend my warmest thanks to everyone for the positive role that you have played in my life and my time at [insert name of company]. May I also extend a special word of thanks to following people: [insert special names and aspects here].

Well, they say that the down side of retirement is having to drink coffee on your own time. I am looking forward to a little more of my own time, but I will surely miss you all during my coffee breaks in the future.

Keep living this one life correctly, stay well and keep smiling.

I will miss you.

Retirement dinner speeches - say what you need to say; be sincere; prepare your retirement wishes well and then relax!

Your work "To-Do-List" is done - now look forward to the fantastic horizon that await you.

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