Retirement Wishes - Say Goodbye
Simply and Effectively

Retirement wishes - a great retirement quote, a meaningful verse, a catchy one-liner or a short and simple farewell message? They all do the job of saying farewell succinctly and memorably.

retirement wishes

A farewell message needn't always be very long. Of course there are times when a longer speech would be appropriate , but equally there are times when a short, thoughtful message can work just as well!

Scroll down - you'll find a variety of cute goodbyes - the finishing touches for great retirement party ideas.

Hope you find something that says it just right! If not...use some of mine and then just add some of your own - after all - two heads are better than one.


Go well...

As you move into a future bright with possibility...

A future of challenges to conquer and of dreams to aspire to - our best wishes travel with you!

Our best wishes go with you…

May you have days full of laughter and happiness…

And may you have a lifetime full of love and dreams achieved – we will remember you.

You have left your indelible mark,

We will miss your professional expertise and your friendship

And wish you only success and happiness in your future endeavors - may they be all that you hoped for!

A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back,

when you have forgotten the words...

We will miss your friendship and positive disposition  - we'll keep your song in our hearts!

Trust what you know,

Have faith where you go;

If there's no wind - row.. or go with the flow.

(Ed Parrish 111)

As you move on into the next amazing chapter of your life,

Know that you will be missed,

Know that  our very best wishes and thoughts go with you,

Come and visit us often -

For this is farewell and not goodbye.

Today, we take the opportunity to say

We will miss you as you go on your way,

So goodbye to our dear colleague, friend and mentor,

Your future awaits - with you - its inventor.

Retirement wishes  - use the opportunity to make someone feel special and appreciated. It will be so worth your time and effort!

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