Free Retirement Speeches -
Goodbye, Go Well And Good Fortune

Free retirement speeches - new chapters, exciting horizons and hopefully ... sleeping in now and then.

free retirement speeches

Definitely worth looking forward to! So, work on your retirement sentiments,  get ready for your retirement toast and enjoy your retirement dinner party.

A warm welcome speech, a few heartfelt words of wisdom and then relax and enjoy your retirement.

(PS - you may want to investigate a few money saving tips for frugal living - it's never too late to become saving-wise as you explore new opportunities.)


Retirement! I can't quite believe that it is happening to me.

You always seem to think of retirement as something way ahead of you; something that is still a long way off. Well, it has a way of sneaking up on you. And here I am ... poised on the brink of my own retirement.

Retirement is an amazing opportunity and I have always been excited by the notion of new beginnings. It brings with it the prospect of a fresh start and perhaps a hint of magical anticipation that is hard to ignore and even harder not to be enthusiastic about.

But just as much as my retirement brings with it anticipation for the future; it is also a time to reflect on the past and perhaps a moment that brings with it echoes from the past and our years together.

So many of my memories at [insert name of company] are underpinned by that which may seem invisible and intangible.

I am, and will always be grateful for the invisible, yet ever present support and friendship that I have been fortunate to share with so many colleagues.

Seemingly insignificant moments throughout the years ... coffee break chats; working together to meet an important deadline; implementing a new vision; sharing a birthday cake or celebrating in the news of a christening, a birthday or a wedding - these are the moments that I will miss the most - these are the intangible everyday magical moments that define the special people who make [insert name of company].

May the years ahead be happy ones-

May the company and all of you go from strength to strength-

And may you always continue to listen to your heart - because in the end - some of the most beautiful things that you'll ever experience will be seen and heard through your heart.

Thank you one and all.

Free retirement speeches - that's it. Done! Relax and enjoy your retirement.

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