Types Of Speeches - Aligning
Purpose And Intention

Types of speeches? Wow - there are a myriad of genres and categories out there! Where do you start?

types of speeches

Right here! Let's make this a lot simpler.

Most speeches can be divided into three broad categories. The three categories are generally based on your intention and purpose in presenting a speech.

Do you want to inform your audience?

Do you want to educate your audience?

Do you want to entertain your audience?

OR perhaps a combination of all of the above neatly wrapped up in one great speech?



Do you want to inform your audience?

If your intention is to inform your audience, you will be aiming to impart knowledge and key facts about specific topics for speech. 

This type of speech tends to be well researched and the facts must be structured around a logical informative speech outline.

Will you be introducing a guest speaker or perhaps presenting a demonstrative speech? In these examples, your aim will also be to inform your audience.

Similarly, school speeches, thank you speeches and even funeral speeches aim at offering the audience information.

This information in turn, may be presented as a content speech, words of acknowledgement or even words of tribute.


Do you want to educate your audience?

Your intention in this genre of speech is usually to make your audience aware of relevant information so that they learn something in the process and possibly make relevant changes.

Leadership speeches, graduation speeches, motivation speeches and persuasive speeches often fit neatly into this speech category.

They aim to leave the audience with a message that may evoke a specific behavior change or paradigm shift.


Do you want to entertain your audience?

Special celebration speeches impart information - but at the same time they need to entertain the audience too.

Entertaining speeches don't always have to be funny - but they should provide some relief for the audience - especially if there has been a long list of speakers on the evening.

If a humorous speech suits your personality then go for great funny speeches!

A clever poem, some rhyming verses and even incorporating clever quotes into your birthday speeches, wedding speeches, retirement and anniversary speeches can add the entertainment value.


There you have it - types of speeches made simpler!

Very often - a really good speech incorporates certain element of all three categories - informing, educating and entertaining the audience.

Oh...and remember - where possible - keep it short and simple.

Happy Speech Making!

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