Motivation for Dieting Speech -
Encouraging and Motivating Guidelines

Motivation for dieting - there is no magical talisman for losing weight, except perhaps courage and perseverance. 

motivation for dieting

Courage and perseverance won't guarantee that your dieting difficulties will disappear or that obstacles will vanish into thin air. If only it were so easy! But they will help!

Sorry guys - no quick fixes here! In fact, by my own admission, nothing particularly new or revolutionary - just sound advice.

So - give it a go! Not all the time - but try and keep it in mind most of the time?


Walter Elliot said, "Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another" - and certainly perseverance and courage will facilitate and sustain your motivation to lose weight.

And where will you find the courage and perseverance - because you will need it!

Is it from within? Do you find it in self-help books, websites or perhaps in the collective support and encouragement from a group of friends or possibly through weight loss centers?

The answer, is probably, in whatever works for you - singly or as a combination of  a few of the above. Perhaps we need to move away from a prescriptive one-solution-fits-all approach to weight loss.

We need some simple guidelines to help restore our sanity in this ever present whirlwind pressure of dieting and weight management. We need to step back, pause, slow down and re-think some of our emotions and the motivation that sees us munching celery and carrot sticks indefinitely.

So, slow down and reflect on these stepping stones to promote realistic motivation for dieting.

REFLECT  - slowly, purposefully and consciously on why you want to lose weight. Your motivation should be to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle with increased energy levels - that's it! You are doing this for yourself - so you can be the best you can be... for life - pretty good motivation right there wouldn't you say?

LIVE IN THE MOMENT - stop thinking about how far you still have to go. Remember to concentrate on one short race at a time - that's one bite, one meal and one day at a time. Each of those potential obstacles overcome, are huge victories. And lots of little victories culminate in, not only a battle - but in fact a war won and an unhealthy lifestyle vanquished and defeated!

DON'T BELIEVE ALL YOUR THOUGHTS - negative thoughts have a recurring and obstinate tendency to pop into your head - pretty much most of the time. They are thoughts and perceptions only - they are not facts! But they can do a great deal of damage. So banish them one at a time and day-by-day and start to replace them with positive affirmations. Keep it simple - "I can, I will, I'm gonna!" You don't need Psychology 101 to see why this is so important for motivation for dieting.

REMOVE YOUR SHACKLES - we have all created our own shackles that are holding us back as we strive towards a more healthy lifestyle. They are specific to us, created by us and they can very often be self-fulfilling limitations. Now, this is the hard part. Take a long hard look at the shackles that you have created and unchain yourself from them - yip - you got it - one by one and a race at a time.

SET BOUNDARIES - decide the path that you are going to follow to achieve a healthy lifestyle and then set boundaries to help you stay on track. The boundaries can be relatively simple things like mainly buying healthy food, exercising three days a week and spending less time with people who may be undermining your courage and perseverance in trying to achieve your goals.

BE HONEST AND REALISTIC - be honest about the changes that you need to make to lose weight, but at the same time be realistic. Unrealistic goals cannot be attained and they will sabotage your courageous endeavors - so don't be tempted to fall into this trap. Remember to focus on your battle strategy - one race at a time - and you'll get there!

DON'T DO IT ALONE - your courage and perseverance will increase a hundred-fold if you have a little help from your friends - whoever and wherever they may be. Surround yourself with positive and encouraging people - it's infectious!

YOU ARE NOT DEFINED BY WHAT YOU WEIGH - LET IT GO - everyone is worthy in their own right, in spite or despite their size or the numbers reflected on a scale. Hold true to that reality - guard it jealously, tenaciously...always!

Michelangelo said, "I saw an angel in the stone and carved to set it free."

You are the angel in the stone and you are your very own Michelangelo. You need to have the perseverance and the courage to carve away, day-by-day and bit-by-bit, to reveal the angel you are - your very own masterpiece!

Motivation for dieting - in a while the sun is really going to shine, but you've got to give it time.

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