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Funny birthday sayings need to be clever, subtle and witty...just like the person you are congratulating!


Happy birthday quotes by famous people are invariably funny and in good taste. So don't be reluctant to borrow from the best!

However, nothing beats your really special personal touch.

Include special birthday card sayings that best embody the relationship that you have with the birthday guy or gal.

Go on - make their day!


Age is a high price to pay for maturity.

Tom Stoppard

At fifty - everyone has the face they deserve!

George Orwell

One starts to get young at the age of 60...

And then it is too late!

Pablo Picasso

Thirty five is when you finally get your head together...

And then your body starts falling apart.

Caryn Leschen

I am at an age when my back goes out more than I do!

Phyllis Diller

Growing old is like...

Being increasingly penalized ,

For a crime you have not committed!

Anthony Powell

Inside every older person is a younger person...

wondering what the hell happened?

Cora Harvey Armstrong

You are only young once...but you can be immature-

For a lifetime!

John Grier

Old age isn't so bad when you consider the alternative!

Maurice Chevalier

Call this an unfair generalization if you must -

But old people are no good at everything.

The Simpson's Moe

Funny birthday sayings and free birthday wishes sample will help you on your way to creating amazing birthday messages for every occasion - even with 21st birthday speeches and a 40th birthday speech.

Happy Celebrating!

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