Thank You Pastor Poems -
Spiritual Leadership Appreciated

Thank You Pastor Poems - express your gratitude and appreciation for an amazing pastor!

thank you pastor poems

Thank you card messages are guaranteed to bring a smile to your pastor's face - so give it bash and share the warmth and happiness.

For some lovely ideas for the wording of great thank you card poems for your pastor...scroll down.

Read the poem, use it as is, add your own special message and write your message in a beautiful thank you card or incorporate it in a religious welcome speech.


Thank you...

for your spiritual leadership

and guidance - our congregation

is all the more blessed for it.


Thank you...

for your compassion and empathy,

willingly given in our times of need -

your words of wisdom and unwavering faith uplift us.


Thank you...

for your selfless example -

you give of your time at a moment's notice...

to people from all walks of life and circumstances.


Thank you...

for a myriad of wonderful qualities -

your calm voice of reason and the courage of your faith and conviction

steadfast and determined to see the best in everyone.


Our congregation has many, many blessings -

for the significant role that you play...

our thanks





Poems to say thank you can also be read out at the end of a sermon or special church anniversary event - tell people how much you appreciate them...time and again.

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