Thank You Poems To Teachers -
Thanks For Making A Difference

Thank you poems to teachers - your words of thanks will be so appreciated!

thank you poems to teachers

A lovely hand written card expressing your gratitude will be valued and cherished.

To make a difference in a student's life is a remarkable gift - don't assume that your teacher realizes the impact they made in your life - rather tell them.

Finally - you get your chance to have the last word - make it special!



A special word of thanks I need to say,

To a terrific teacher in every way...

You taught me core skills, my A's, B's and C's

Some valuable life skills - my 1's,2's and 3's


You challenged my boundaries - made me push harder

Allowed no complacency; extending me farther...

For the education I gained and the limitations I shed

My thanks to you - making me look straight ahead!

And through all of this, an example you remained

Steadfast and constant - life's lessons ingrained

So to my role model and mentor -one heck of a teacher

Know that the difference you made, in my life will feature!

Free thank you poems - you write them,; they'll read them...I guarantee you -; your teacher will love them!

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