Thank You Card Poems -
Simple, Heartfelt Thanks

Thank you card poems - simple messages to help you express your thanks and appreciation - understated and elegant.


There is no better time than now to say thank you - words of wisdom to show your heartfelt appreciation and gratitude.

Whether you need poems to say thank you, a sample thank you speech or even thank you poems to teachers, say thank you now!

Thoughtfulness appreciated - you'll be a winner every time with special quotes to say thank you and your gracious thanks.


There is no better opportunity to receive more ...

than to be thankful for what you already have.

John Rohn

Thank you for ...

letting me know that you made similar mistakes -

for always being real and accessible to me

and for understanding

Thank you for ...

building my self worth and for teaching me first and foremost

to value myself -

through valuing myself I have learned to

respect and value others

Thank you for ...

offering me hope in my life -

your faith in me has been constant and ever present,

enduring and liberating

Thank you for ...

your irrepressible sense of humor -

it has helped me endure heartache and hardship

and allowed me to see the joy

that life has to offer

Thank you for ...

being my wife -

you encourage our love and commitment to each other,

you taught me to love and to learn,

you made me want to be a better person

Thank you for ...

your patience and perseverance -

you taught me that taking baby steps is ok,

that success isn't immediate,

that when dedication and commitment prevail ...

then my endeavors will endure

Thank you for ...

being my role model -

I have looked up to you through

adventure and adversity,

for your advice and your intuition,

as a confidante and a friend

Thank you for ...

your passion for life -

your love for life has taught me to ...

see moonlight and moonbeams,

that peace and kindness are worth striving for,

that leprechauns and magical moments

are in the eye of the beholder ...

and that daunting crossroads are

fantastic opportunities awaiting

Thank you for ...

your forgiveness -

your example taught me forgive and to let go,

to move on but not always forget,

to embrace the celebration of life ...

liberating and humbling and embracing

Thank you card poems - remembering to thank those who have meant something in your life - thank them for "living, loving and leaving a legacy" - Stephen Covey.

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