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Poems to say thank you are a great way to express your gratitude simply and effectively!

poems to say thank you

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My thanks I extend to you -

for the kindness you have shown,

for the support you willingly offered,

and for the hand of friendship extended.

What a wonderful occasion we all celebrated today,

And now I have the privilege to gratefully say,

Sincere thanks and heartfelt appreciation to you one and all,

for sharing this special day with us -  in years ahead ours fondly to recall ...

Thank you for coming - you made it all the more memorable

We loved having you here - friendly, willing and able!

Our thanks and gratitude we'd like to express,

It really meant a lot and yes we must confess,

Your wonderful words, actions and deeds have left a lasting impression,

You are an asset to yourself, your company and your profession!

Poems to say thank you are extra special on photo thank you cards and they also tie in nicely with a sample welcome speech.

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