Jello Shots Alcohol Recipe - 
Great Demonstrative Speech Topics

Jello shots alcohol recipe - guaranteed to liven up your audience - hey ... everyone is going to want to sample your creation!

jello shots alcohol recipe

Making jello shots is great for demonstrative speech topics! It is easy to demonstrate and way more fun than some of the other speeches you may need to endure.

Probably goes without saying - but free jello shot recipes for your making jello shots speech needs to be for an age appropriate audience.

Don't try this at school - it is not going to go down well!


The A to G Guide on How to Make Jello Shots



 Arrange your ingredients - today we are going to make 20 jello shots. As you can see, we will be using a 6oz pack of Jell-O; 2 cups of boiling water; 3 quarters cups of cold water and 1 and a quarter cups of your favorite chilled alcohol. Generally, vodka remains quite popular, but any drink will do. Oh and let's not forget the about the 20 shot glasses - or even better, my favorite, 20 plastic glasses with a lid!



Boiling water comes first. Next you add in the Jell-O with a dash of flair and mix it until all the jello has dissolved completely.



Cold water with the added vodka or your favorite alcohol must of course come next - we want to start livening up this speech a little don't you think?



Double up - add the boiling water water and Jell-O mixture to the cold water and vodka mixture and mix them well ... with panache and flair of course!



Empty the shot mixture and carefully pour it into the 20 plastic cups. Put the lids on and turn the cups upside down - easy access to the jello shots is a must. Please don't spill - you really won't want to waste any of this!



Finally, put your jello shots in the refrigerator [not the freezer] to set!



Good to go - grab a jello shot ... or two or three ... and enjoy with friends!


Jello shots alcohol recipe - that's one great option, but you may want to look at a few more controversial speech topics to unleash your creative flair.

Good luck ... enjoy it!

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