How To Cook Asparagus - Demonstrate Easily, Cheaply and Effectively

How to cook asparagus - a great demonstration speech topic! It's cheap, easy to demonstrate and foolproof.


You'd be surprised how many people don't know how to prepare asparagus - go on...extend their culinary skills.

An added bonus is you are likely to have almost everything you need, right now, at home.

Follow the easy, sequential steps outlined in the speech template below and unleash the "naked chef" in you.


Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today I will be demonstrating how to cook asparagus - simple, easy and foolproof. A great way to impress your dinner guests, especially if you're running late.

Right - first things, first.

You will need the following:

A bunch or two of fresh, young asparagus - preferably organically grown and bought from a great local fresh food market. Keep an eye open for bright green stalks that are firm and roughly the width of a pen.

[Portion size tip: a bunch of asparagus has about 16-18 spears and an average serving size is roughly 4-6 spears per dinner guest]

While you are out shopping, pop one or two fresh lemons and coarse sea-salt into you basket too!

Now that we have all our fresh ingredients at hand - do a quick sweep of your kitchen. You will need plastic wrap, a small rinsing bowl, a sharp knife and a rectangular microwave proof dish and...a microwave of course.

With the preparation out of the way, you are ready to begin:

Firstly, rinse the asparagus in a bowl of clean, cool water.

Your next step is to trim away the bottom part of the asparagus stalk. The first two thirds of the asparagus are usually tender and the last bit tends to be quite tough.

[Bend and snap tip: try bending the asparagus and it will usually snap and break at the transitional point between tender and tough - mission accomplished]

Once all the asparagus stalks are trimmed to the desired length, arrange them in the rectangular microwave proof bowl - two to three deep [but no more] and add one tablespoon of water.

Right - ingredients in - check!

Your next step will be to cover the dish with plastic wrap [perforated plastic wrap facilitates a suave and sophisticated look in the kitchen - worth the extra cents if you are cooking in front of your guests].

Remember to leave a small vent open - you're not the only one who may need to let off steam at this point in all the dinner preparations.

[Letting off steam tip : a small glass of good sherry or red wine close at hand]

Pop the asparagus into the microwave that has been preset on "high". Set the timer to two and a half minutes and savor a sip of wine!

Guard against overcooking the asparagus. The visual appeal of asparagus is in the vibrant green shade of fresh asparagus.

Time up?

Arrange the asparagus on a lovely platter or on each individual plate, squeeze fresh lemon juice over them and a sprinkle of freshly ground sea salt.

That's it - you are done. Simple, sophisticated and impressive!

Well, now that you know how to cook asparagus - spend some time on the other finer dinner details.

Good music, some candles, that good red wine I mentioned earlier, crisp white linen and crystal glasses.

Bon appetite!

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