How To Make Itching Powder -
Simplistic Secret Scrutinized

How to make itching powder with our recipe! Itching powder demonstration speeches - it may have your audience feeling a bit scratchy under the collar.

how to make itching powder

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Itching powder - a complex recipe including synthetic chemicals in a complex cocktail?

Actually, it's a relatively simple recipe utilizing all natural products.

You'll be pleased to know that in today's growing concern about moving towards a "greener planet", not only are you creating your own source of itching powder, but you are doing so without harming the environment.

(Some words of wisdom though - while itching powder may not harm the environment - it will certainly create an adverse reaction in humans ... so use your discretion and don't use this on your friends - if you want to keep them, that is.)

Here we go with our demonstrative speech for homemade itching powder - scrutinized and simplified.

Take a stroll through an avenue of maple trees in the fall. Chances are you'll be walking on a carpet of fallen "whirlygigs" - you know ... those helicopter-like seeds scattered at your feet.

Collect a bunch of them - don't be shy! A couple of handfuls should do it - they're already on the ground, so no harm done!

Lay out a couple of sheets of clean white paper - preferably recycled paper (in keeping with our "first do no harm" theme.)

Hold the "propeller" end of the "whirlygig" in each hand and gently rub the seed pods together over the sheet of paper.

Your mission - to release and loosen the silvery hairs that coat the seed pods. Don't give up until you have at least a teaspoon of the scratchy silvery hairs.

Collected a teaspoon of the elusive itch creators? Ok - you can stop now - mission accomplished - a little goes a really long way!

You may want to store the silvery hairs in a zip lock plastic bag (for your own protection).

Don't worry if they dry out a little - it generates more "itch intensity" for your hapless victim.

How to make itching powder and jello shots alcohol recipe - maybe not the first priority to include on your free cv sample.

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