Why is Public Speaking Important
- Today's Must-Have Life Skill

Why is public speaking important?

To answer this question, let's look at the definition of public speaking first.


Public speaking is the skill of:

  • conveying a message effectively to a group of people

  • in a number of everyday situations

  • depending of the purpose or intention of your speech.

Public speaking is such an integral part of our lives.

Many people believe that public speaking is the arena for professional speakers only - yet the skill of being able to speak in public touches our lives more often than you think.

Not everyone is a "born speaker". However it is very important that everyone nurtures and develops this very important life skill.

Simply put, public speaking is:

  • a manager leading a staff meeting of four or five colleagues
  • a teacher addressing a parent academic evening
  • a best man presenting a speech at a wedding
  • a salesperson promoting a new product to a group of sales representatives
  • proposing a toast at a 21st birthday party
  • and saying farewell in a eulogy

Effective public speaking encompasses:

  • engaging your audience and

  • speaking knowledgeably to convey your informative, educational or entertaining message

A great public speaker:

  • approaches speaking in public positively - minimizing normal speaking nerves

  • has faith in themselves and the importance of their message

  • engages the audience and keeps their attention

  • influences the audience according to the intended purpose of their speech

  • makes the audience feel worthy and valued

The ability to speak in public is a life skill that can and should be developed.

Here's wishing you many happy public speaking engagements.

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