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Good morning Ladies, Gentlemen and Special Guests -

Today we turn towards a new year - a year that lies before us much as a blank page would ... full of possibility, potential, challenges, adversity and of course adventure!

Linda Brakeall notes that life is like riding a bike. She further explains that it is impossible to maintain your balance while standing still.

Well, at [insert name of school we will definitely not be standing still. We will be moving forward; we will be making progress and we will be reaching our goals.

The challenges are there ... an innovative academic curriculum, a varied and competitive extra-curricular sporting program, a compelling cultural program and the ideal of life-long learning and all that it entails as the core foundation of education.

It will, without a doubt, be an exceptionally busy year and one that we will all need to tackle with determination, forward driven momentum and commitment.

But it is also a year where we will need to look at balance.

We need to continually strive for innovation, while at the same time focusing on conserving life-long learning skills.

Richard Carlson, a well known motivational speaker encourages us not to "sweat the small stuff" and in the grander scheme of things, he is absolutely correct.

However in my high school commencement speech, I would like to use a bit of poetic license and appeal to you all "to sweat the small stuff" this year as we focus on the basics. If we take care of the small problems and hold true to the fundamental rules - then the bigger concerns will very often take care of themselves.

This is my appeal to the entire [insert name of school] community.

Let's focus on the basics:

be punctual; smile; say thank you; wear your uniform with pride and be the best you can be ...

work hard; play hard; be kind to others; choose to see the best in the world and choose to speak kindly of others ...

be honest; be honorable; make mistakes; learn from your mistakes ...

and make a difference!

Your high school commencement speech ... not quite complete ... you still need a few jokes for public speaking to lighten the mood engage your audience with humor.

Good luck - before you know it you will be getting ready to prepare your sample graduation speech.

A free motivational speech can be really effective as a commencement speech too!

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