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Senior graduation quotes - words of wisdom that will be the perfect accompaniment to your thoughtful graduation gift or graduation flowers.


Find the words, quotes or poems on graduation and make a special occasion even more memorable and remarkable!

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Today, a new sun rises for me;

everything lives; everything is animated ...

everything seems to speak to me of my passion

everything invites me to cherish it.

Anne De Lenclos

All you need is deep within you ...

waiting to unfold and reveal itself.

All you have to do is be still

and take the time to seek what is within.

Eileen Caddy

I have looked all my life, for my dreams to come true -

Then I opened my eyes ...

And found they were in the palms of my hands.

Chastity Oakley

A dream is more than a dream ... and it's only a footstep away -

But you must take the first step and it begins with today.


Inside each and every one of us is a seed of greatness -

A deep yearning to grow and contribute and make a difference!

Joseph McClendon

Each of us is meant to have a character all our own ...

to be what no other can exactly be ...

and to do what no other can exactly do!

William Ellery Channing

We don't build statues to worship the exceptional life -

We build them to remind ourselves what is possible in our own!


Cherish your vision;

cherish your ideals;

cherish the music that stirs in your heart ...

and the beauty that forms in your mind -

and the loveliness that drapes your purest thoughts.

If you remain true to them,

your world will at last be built!

James Allen

Don't forfeit ambition when others may doubt ...

It's your life to live;

you must live it throughout.

Learn from you errors and don't dwell in the past ...

and never withdraw from a world that is vast.

Believe in yourself;

and find the best that is in you ...

let your spirit prevail;

and steer a course straight and true.


The only real limitation on your abilities ...

is the level of your desire.

If you want it badly enough -

there are no limits on what you can achieve.

Brian Tracy

Senior graduation quotes - an excellent platform to weave your sample graduation speech around, or great as a graduation present quote inscribed on the front page of a scrapbook of memories.

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