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Free welcome speeches - go for wise, witty and wild welcome words and whet your audience's imagination!

free welcome speeches

Vague and whimsical or well prepared and wonderful? Wise words of welcome are well worth the extra time and preparation.

You'll wow your audience as a welcoming wizard whiz.


A warm welcome to [insert specific details of the group's composition - family and friends / colleagues / special guests / ladies and gentlemen etc]

Today is the first / not the first of many such gatherings and hopefully we will all continue to forge important relationships / friendships / opportunities as we share this magnificent [insert details of the event] occasion.

One can't always tell the exact moment when relationships / friendships / opportunities are forged, but this I can tell you...

It is at occasions such as tonight when we come together to share a common celebration / goal / vision that we often start / continue on our journey towards something remarkable and if guests are like flowers...well, then you'd be the exact bunch / bouquet that I would pick to share tonight with.

May we all value / cherish / gains something of importance from the time that we spend together; may we grasp it with both hands and make our own wonderful memories / opportunities to carry with us in the years still to come.

With your example of welcome speech - you set the tone to an event that promises to be worthwhile and enjoyable.

That's it - you're done with your sample welcome speech.

Relax and enjoy the occasion.

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