Free Motivational Speech -
The Best You Have

A free motivational speech and universal words of wisdom - live life to the full - it is within your reach!


Don't underestimate the importance of motivation - it encourages and builds people and relationships!

Whether it is motivation for dieting or even sales motivation - always strive to take the time to motivate others and perhaps even more importantly - to motivate yourself.


Give the world the best you have ... it may never be enough ... but give the best you have anyway!

Life is an amazing journey and as you embark on this journey of your life - make a choice. Choose to give the world the best you have. It won't always be easy; but do it anyway.

Life, your life, is an incredible gift and as an individual you have so much to offer the world and yourself. Don't be caged by your fears - either real or perceived; don't be limited by other people's expectations of you and most importantly - don't merely endure this amazing gift of life.

Throughout the journey of your life, you will encounter hopes, dreams, challenges, set backs, new beginnings and the inevitable goodbyes. Yet despite all of this, you must choose to give yourself and the world the best you have.

Give the world the best you have by putting yourself out there and living life. Don't merely be a spectator. Sure, it may be safer, but nothing compares to living life, rather than merely watching it. Yes, it takes guts and daring and a willingness to take risks - but it'll be so worth it - despite the bumps and scratches and bruises that you are sure to receive along the way.

Cherish the amazing relationships in your life and worry less about who may or may not like you. Listen ... really listen to others; have empathy and compassion - strive to always build people up, rather than break them down.

Stop sweating the small stuff - dirty footprints on a polished floor, grubby hands marking a crisp linen shirt as they encircle your waist in a hug, bad hair days, less than perfect make-up, expression lines deepening as your face starts to reflect life's experiences ... the relentless pursuit of wealth and the accumulation of stuff!

Instead - laugh more, love more, forgive often, smile irrepressibly, be spontaneous and at times even impetuous, cry when your heart is breaking and reach out when your heart is overflowing.

For it is this that will define your life! It is these qualities that will allow you to give the world the best you have!

The people who will make the most difference in your life are not the ones with the most credentials, the most money or the most awards and recognition. They are the ones who care.

So, care enough to give the world the best you have and you will be giving the world a tiny miracle - small ... yet hugely significant.

A free motivational speech that builds people up - definitely giving the world the best you have.

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