The Importance of Motivation and Workplace Motivation Words of Wisdom

importance of motivation

The importance of motivation cannot be underestimated - especially in the workplace. Workplace motivation encourages, builds and uplifts employees.

Looking for employee motivation ideas?

Sometimes all it takes is a pat on the back, a sincere word of thanks for a job well done and confirmation that employees are valued.

You need to tell them that their efforts have not gone unnoticed!

The pace of life today is frenetic to say the least. Employees are working harder and taking on more responsibility. Everyone is feeling the effects of the economic crisis.

Now, more than ever, words of motivation should not be left unsaid. Our words of wisdom are free - please use them. They will be so appreciated.

Mother Teresa realized the incalculable value and merit of words of motivation when she remarked: "Kind words can be short and easy to speak - but their echoes are truly endless."


[Our sample words of motivation are really great to use before a holiday - especially Thanksgiving]

Some of  us thought that we'd never get there - but we made it! The [year, term, semester, quarter, month] has been a really busy and productive one in so many ways. It has been full of things that needed to be done - goals that all the members of [insert name of institution] needed to take an individual and collective responsibility for.

We accomplished a great deal -  we identified our goals, set aside time to achieve them and for the most part we actualized our goals professionally and efficiently.

[insert a brief outline of core work related aspects that needed to be accomplished].

You offered your best - that is as it should be, and as it has always been. We are extremely grateful and privileged to have employees of your caliber working here.

I recall the words that, at times, one should dance like no one is watching. These words capture those moments of spontaneity that couldn't and shouldn't be harnessed by responsibilities and it allows a little laughter to bubble through days that can be very pressurized and frenetic.

Our work ethic and achievements at [insert name of institution] are solid - they are the collective results of each and every one now it's time to dance a little

As we near the holidays, let's dance a little and perhaps  focus on some of the things that we may have left "undone".

During the break  - may we find the time to be together and to laugh together. May we say the things that need to be said gently, may we send letters that we may not have had the time to write and may we perform those random acts of kindness that we sometimes leave undone.

There is one last act that I cannot leave "undone". I would like to pay a final tribute to all of you - your efforts are so appreciated!

We wish you and your loved ones happy holidays. We look forward to seeing you all again after the break and let's remember to dance like no one is watching - we've earned it!

The importance of motivation extends into self-motivation tips, motivation and sport, motivation for dieting and weight loss tips motivation, military motivation and motivational stories.

Keep visiting us - we're motivated to find you the right words to say it best!


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