Maid of Honor Sample Speeches -
Universal and Elegantly Timeless

Maid of honor sample speeches - they are here to help you! We know what it is like being the maid of honor and I don't think the word "busy" comes close to capturing the frenetic last minute rushing around!

Dress fittings, bridal shower games, bridal shower poems, looking for perfect wedding readings, the ever-present shoulder to cry on - the list goes on and on.

Well - here's one to tick off your checklist right now! Go on - go for it - those checklist ticks can be pretty empowering and satisfying!


Good Evening Everyone,

Weddings are always special occasions and we are privileged and honored to be sharing today's celebration and exchange of vows with [insert names of bridal couple].

[Insert names of bridal couple], you both look happy, relieved, radiant and excited as you face the future together as a couple. May thousands of tiny threads bind you even closer together as you weave your future - a future bright with hope and possibility. It is these thousands of tiny threads in the years that lie ahead that will weave the fabric of a solid and sound marriage based on mutual respect.  

[Insert name of bride], you are a dear friend to many, a sister, a daughter, a colleague and now a stunning and beautiful bride and wife.

You have always played an important role, in so many different ways, in all of our lives. We cherish your friendship, we respect your advice, we celebrate magical and sad moments with you and we are so glad that you have found happiness with [insert name of groom]. I have no doubt that you will weave the qualities of love, hope, courage, fun, adventure and support into the fabric of your marriage - just as you have always done in all the many other facets of your life!

[Insert names of bridal couple], in the years that lie ahead - hold onto the memories of today as you create a wonderful future. Sometimes you may need to row to get there; very often you'll just have to learn to go with the flow!

Trust what you know to be good and strong in your marriage and have faith in your future together.

All of this, we wish for you....

Maid of honor sample speeches - simple, sincere and short. Finally some time to work on that bridal shower poem.

PS. You are going to look stunning too - just make sure that you find the perfect pair of elegant and comfortable bridal shoes as you dance your cares away after your maid of honor speech!

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